This section of our website provides access to publications and information that document the work of the House of Assembly. On the sub-menu, you will find links to the full text of:

Bill Progress Chart - A Bill goes through a number of steps before it becomes a statute (First Reading, Second Reading, Committee (amendments, if any, are made at this stage), Third Reading and Royal Assent). A table is provided where you may link to the First Reading version of the Bill and find out what stage the Bill has reached.

Votes and Proceedings -the official record of the proceedings of the House.

Standing Order - Standing Orders are the rules of procedure in the House of Assembly. The Standing Orders can be accessed in their entirety, by section, as well as Indexed.

Order Papers - The Order Paper is prepared and published each day that the House of Assembly is sitting. It sets out the ordinary daily routine of business in the House. The Order Paper lists the business of the House for that day's sitting.

Resolutions -

Hansards - Hansard is a daily transcript of the proceedings of the House of Assembly. The electronic version, which may be accessed is provided for information only. The printed versions are the official record.

Tabled Documents – generally, these are administrative documents, certain reports, and other papers that are required to be laid before the House each year or session either by the order of the House, or by its Standing Orders.

Webcast -sittings of the House are broadcast not only on television, but also on the Web. You may view a live sitting as the House meets, or view archived telecasts of previous sittings.

Petitions - A petition is a request made by at least three citizens seeking the assistance of the House of Assembly in addressing a perceived public grievance.