Notes from the Desk of the Clerk

S ince the return of democratic rule in 1999, the Oyo State House of Assembly has been unequivocally committed to performing its constitutional role of law-making for peace, order and good governance. Aside from law-making, the legislature has provided good representation to her constituents. Government have been responsive to the aspirations of the electorates.

The House also partners with the executive in the areas of generating and formulating of policies that bring about socio-economic development and political stability.

In performing her functions, the House is guided by:
Vision: To advance the cause and interest of the people of Oyo State through effective legislation.

Mission: Enacting enabling laws for good governance in the State.

 law-making for good governance;
 Oversight on Government Departments, Agencies and private bodies expending public fund;
 Regulating income and expenditure of government;
 Authorization of Government Budget;
 Confirmation of Statutory appointments;
 Preservation of Constitutional rights of citizens.

The Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission Law 2007 makes provision for eight departments. The political head is the Rt. Hon. Speaker, while the administrative head and accounting officer is the Clerk of the House.

The eight departments are:

(i) Legislative Matters;
(ii) Hansard and Editorial;
(iii) Legal Services;
(iv) Administration and Supplies;
(v) Legislative Planning, Research and Library Services;
(vi) Finance and Accounts;
(vii) Sergeant-At-Arms;
(viii) Printing Press.

Other Units that report directly to the Clerk of the House are:

(i) Protocol Unit;
(ii) Information Unit;
(iii) Internal Audit Unit;
(iv) Information and Communication Technology Unit.

The departments have been providing core services that have direct bearing on the functions of the legislature and make her duties less cumbersome.

The House is indeed blessed with skilled and committed work-force who have contributed in no small measure to the success of the Assembly. They are indeed described as the engine room of the Legislature.

The Oyo State Legislature also comprise of the Oyo State House of Assembly Service Commission. The Commission is to provide the required man-power for the Legislature.

All glory is ascribed to the God Almighty for His grace upon the Assembly. Great appreciation also goes to the Executive Arm for the cooperation and support given to the Legislature. The Executive Governor ensures that the environment is made conducive for the Legislature to work in.

The Executive arm and the Oyo State House of Assembly have been partners in progress.

Ms. F.F. Oyediran,
Clerk of the House