Office of the Director ; Finance and Accounts

The Office of Finance and Accounts is charged with managing all the financial and fiscal activities of the Oyo State House of Assembly.

The Director of The Office of Administration and Supplies is Mr Olukokun Moshood Olajire

The Major functions of the Office are highlighted below:
1. General Supervision of all Staff of the Department
2. Ensuring adequate accounting systems and controls the account systems of the Oyo State House of Assembly
3. To ensure the proper accountability of any fund released to Oyo State House of Assembly
4. To ensure effective control of Expenditure of Oyo State House of Assembly
5. Giving useful advice to the Authority on Finance & Accounts
6. Writing of annual appropriation Account at the end of each year
7. Quarterly reconciliation of records of Accounts
8. Signing of the cheques
9. Countersign of schedule of payment voucher for request of any fund from the office of the State Accountant General
10. To see to the overall running of Department of Finance and Accounts for effective control
11. Taking part in the preparation of Oyo State Annual Budget Estimates

Contact of The Director, Finance and Accounts
Office Address:
Room 20, Parliament Building, Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan.
Phone Number:
E-mail Address: