Office of The Deputy Clerk / Legislative Matters

The Office of Deputy Clerk supports the activities of the Office of The Clerk of Oyo State House of Assembly. The Office is also in-charge of Legislative Matters.

The Deputy Clerk / Director of The Office of Legislative Matters is Ms Oyediran Felicia F.

The Major functions of the Office are highlighted below:
1. Guiding and advising Hon. Members on Matters of Legislative Practice and Procedure;
2. Providing Secretarial Services for the Plenary and Committee Sittings;
3. Drafting of Legislative Calendar;
4. Production of Legislative Documents such as Order Paper, Votes and Proceedings, Briefs, Reports, Speeches, e.t.c.;
5. Drafting and Processing of Motions and Bills for Legislative Consideration;
6. Processing and Recording of Draft and Clean Copies of Bills;
7. Compiling Rulings from the Chair and Transmitting same to the appropriate quarters;
8. Processing Gazette publication of Bills;
9. Keeping Records of Order Paper, Votes and Proceedings, Documents laid before the House, Bill Progress Chart, Correspondence e.t.c.;
10. Processing the Production of Codified Laws of each Assembly;
11. Coordinating the Functions of Special, Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees of the House;
12. Providing Secretarial Services for Committee Activities;
13. Processing and Coordination of Legislative Training, Seminars and Conferences;
14. Coordinating the Review and Upgrading of House Rules;
15. Organization and Supervision of Public Hearing.

Contact of The Deputy Clerk / Director, Legislative Matters
Office Address:
Room 20, Parliament Building, Oyo State Secretariat, Ibadan.
Phone Number:
E-mail Address: